Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I Am A Shootist" - EP

The Grizzly Owls - "I Am A Shootist" - EP (2009)


"Save My Soul, Conquistador" - Music Video 

"We Never Sleep" - Music Video

"Father Of The Revolver" - Music Video


"...It’s the sound of a desert night addled with early ’60s pop and the rust-edged creak of Tom Waits at his earthiest, as evidenced by the otherworldy shuffle and alt-twang charm of “Father of the Revolver,” the hymn-like starkness of “Save My Soul, Conquistador,” and the sepia rumble of closer “We Never Sleep.” However, it’s the title track that draws all of those disparate sounds and songs together, acting as a lovely and darkly alluring lynchpin that binds the EP and stands as a haunting window into the Owls’ aural world of artful, sand-blasted beauty and ominous twilight pop." 

-Travis Woods -  

"...could be the quiet-time antidote to the rough-and-tumble Spaghetti Western rock on L.A.’s Spindrift. It’s twangy and haunting and more than a little bit creaky, but rife with plenty of imagery. As foreboding as the wide-open spaces can sound."

- Buzz Bands L.A.

"'I Am a Shootist', features music that wouldn’t be out of place in a black and white spaghetti Western. Dark, minor keys but with a cleverly tongue-in-cheek tone. A little bit Nick Cave, but with Meg White’s offbeat vocals.

- A Free Man

"SOUNDS LIKE? Mary Shelley hooking up with Nick Cave for some gothically cool western twang-in a maze of blood and lead. It's already sounding like The Grizzly Owls are serious talent with senses of both style and humour. The military shuffle and dusty pluck n shimmer called "Father Of The Revolver" confirms this. IS IT ANY GOOD? Oh no, this is... excellent, good has nothing to do with it. These are sweet tunes, tied with pretty ribbons to writing of the finest steel. The Grizzly Owls mine old shafts and come up with new treasures."


"The Grizzly Owls, on the other hand, have big brass balls. Their sound clearly owes a bit of a debt to any number of countrified folk acts, but their unswaying dedication to that sound and their willingness to carry it to the nth degree are impressive. The tracks on the freely available I am a Shootist EP all prominently feature the high, warbling vocals of Jenny Andretti in front of spare, spaghetti western-esque soundscapes. That cowboy on the cover is no joke; these tunes are intensely evocative of barren desert landscapes, lawless bastards and circling vultures. It’s a pretty unified artistic vision, complete with deeply morbid lyrical content (the number of people that get shot, stabbed or hung from trees in this EP’s four songs is too high to count accurately.) All that taken into account, the tunes here are catchy and relistenable. I’m particularly fond of the Pancho Villa feel of 'Save My Soul Conquistador.' " 


"...a haunting collection of melancholic campfire gems that recall Mazzy Star by way of Ennio Morricone."


Friday, May 15, 2009

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